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 * J Jentink (4 days)  * J Jentink (2 days)
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 * Martin Thomas (? days)  * Martin Thomas (3-4 days)


  • Tim Parkin (all days, remotely from the UK)
  • Stephan Deibel (4 days)
  • Peter Kropf (3+ days)
  • Gus Landis (most days)
  • Skip Montanaro (most days; offsite)
  • Kevin Cole (1 day)
  • Steve Holden (2 days)
  • J Jentink (2 days)
  • Steve Lucy (4 days)
  • Martin Thomas (3-4 days)
  • David Goodger (? days)
  • Andrew Kuchling (2.5 days)

What time are we starting on Monday? If I don't hear anything, I'll head downstairs around 8AM. --amk


Chat/help on IRC at #pydotorg on freenode.net

To join the project, ask on IRC to be added to the Trac notification list and the pydotorg mailing list.

To get set up with a copy of the site you need first to install Pyramid as described at http://pyramid.pollenation.net

Then check out https://svn.python.org/www/trunk/beta.python.org and see build/README to build and run the site on your machine

Also needed for conversion will be the old python.org content which can be checked out of https://svn.python.org/www/trunk/pydotorg

Content migration documentation is at:


Pyramid documentation is at:


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