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What we need to find before the Conference in 2006

The idea is that department heads can list items here that they will need and people who can get them(particularly free) will list what they have available. Some people may doubt how much trust we could put in getting supplies this way. That is a fair question. I suggest that is you have something to offer, that you put some way of contacting you. The department head can evaluate for themselves whether they trust the source. The hope is that we can find cheap or free local suppliers for many items.

  • Power strips, quantity 100 to 200
  • Overhead projectors for small rooms, quantity 2
  • Overhead projector for main room, quantity 1 or 2
  • Easels w/ paper tablets (2 per sprint room, maybe?)
  • Lightning Talks need an easel or whiteboard near the podium for writing URLs and contact information. A second board at the entrance for signups may also be required.
  • Markers for use with easels
  • Masking tape, one roll per sprint room
    • (for taping up signs, etc. -- duct tape is too strong and may damage paint)
  • Blank paper (buy a few packages and leave some on each sprint table)
  • Pens (buy a few packages and leave some on each sprint table)
  • A printer for the registration desk (printing registrations, updated schedules, etc.)
  • A large-format printer would let us print updated schedules at poster-size, instead of just handout-size.
  • Public-access computers for those without laptops, if necessary for registration business, Open Space signup, or to view the schedule

Wesley Chun

If for some reason there's stuff we cannot procure for free, forcing us to make a run around the corner from the hotel to Office Depot, I have a 5% discount card.

With regards to paper and pens, is the Marriott charging too much for it? I often find they provide all this stuff if you rent a good number of conference rooms from them.

If we need projector rentals, I found a good rate from http://www.rushcomputer.com/products_av_projectors.htm also, another link here will point you to local rental agencies (just select TX: Dallas) http://audiovisual4rent.com/ (wescpy at gmail.com, Jan 11).


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