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test_xml_etree_c **please help with this!**
test_xml_etree_c FIXED IN SF http://python.org/sf/1769767 JoeGregorio
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test_io (64-bit: line 100, in read_ops b'hello world\n' != b'hello')

 * In Modules/_fileio.c, line 441, fileio_read(), the second argument to PyArg_ParseTuple should be "|n" not "|i".

test_largefile (64-bit: killed my box, no idea if it works or not)
Line 61: Line 54:
test_poll (64-bit: line 129, pipe seems to be closed, but still returns data)
Line 64: Line 55:

test_socket_ssl (64-bit: seems to hang)

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List of tests that are failing in the py3k-struni branch


  • if you start working on a test, to avoid duplicate work, add your name+email+date to the bulleted item for the test below, with the text "MINE"
  • if you figure out why a test is failing, just add a note (name etc. is still appreciated)
  • if you fix a test, and you check in the fix, add a note "COMMITTED" with the svn revision (occasionally we'll clean these up)
  • if you don't have checkin permissions, use the SF patch manager and note the patch number here (perhaps in the form of a link to python.org/sf/NNNNN), and add a note "FIXED IN SF" (plus name etc.)

How to run tests

Assume you've got the py3k-struni branch checked out.

./python Lib/test/regrtest.py test_foobar  # runs test_foobar
./python Lib/test/test_foobar.py   # for more detail about failures

(Some tests need you to use regrtest.py -uall above.)

The Failing Tests


test_ctypes (one test started failing again recently)




test_sqlite (MINE GerhardHaering - I will take care of this the next days.)

test_urllib2_localnet: ISSUE bytes/str issues in BaseHTTPServer and httplib. MINE Jeremy Hylton 08/03/07 (might cover the urllib2?net tests, too)

test_urllib2net (add -uall): MINE Jeremy Hylton 8/04/07

test_xml_etree_c FIXED IN SF http://python.org/sf/1769767 JoeGregorio

Tests Failing on Some Platforms Only

Failing on 64-bit Platforms Only

test_ossaudiodev (64-bit: ???)

test_shelve (64-bit: ?)

Failing on CYGWIN Only



Previously Fixed Tests

test_aepack (OSX only) FIXED IN SF (but somewhat hackily): http://python.org/sf/1761465 JeffreyYasskin 2007-07-26

test_applesingle (OSX only) FIXED IN SF: http://python.org/sf/1761465 JeffreyYasskin 2007-07-26

test_audioop: Fixed in r56469. MvL

test_asynchat FIXED IN SF http://www.python.org/sf/1752173 Alexandre Vassalotti. COMMITTED r56290.

test_bigmem FIXED IN SF http://www.python.org/sf/1752195. COMMITTED r56295.

test_bsddb: Fixed in r56754. MvL

test_cmd_line: FIXED IN SF http://www.python.org/sf/1751493 ChristianHeimes -- COMMITTED

test_compile: COMMITTED r56494 GvR.

test_cookielib FIXED IN SF http://www.python.org/sf/1762940 JoeGregorio. COMMITTED r56709 GvR.

test_cpickle: Deleted, with cPickle. Alexandre's SoC work should lead to cPickle becoming invisible (Brett Cannon).

test_cProfile: FIXED IN SF http://www.python.org/sf/1755176 by Amaury Forgeot d'Arc COMMITTED r56406.

test_csv - Adam Hupp <firstname at lastname.org> 2007-07-21. COMMITTED GvR.

test_ctypes: ThomasHeller: FIXED r56338.

test_curses (add -uall)COMMITTED r56516 GvR.

test_datetime: pickling is broken since r56461, due to cPickle not understanding bytes. Decided the right solution is to stop using cPickle. COMMITTED r56462. GvR.

test_descr GuidoVanRossum: FIXED r56252. test_descr says: ['foo\u1234bar'] slots not caught; FIXED r56470 GvR.

test_dl FIXED IN SF http://www.python.org/sf/1752229 AlexandreVassalotti 2007-07-11 COMMITTED r56288.

test_doctest: Fixed for OSX in r56468, MvL. Fixed for Ubuntu in r56472, Collin Winter.

test_frozen COMMITTED r56503 GvR.

test_ftplib: FIXED IN SF http://www.python.org/sf/1755206 by Amaury Forgeot d'Arc. FIXED differently by GvR.

test_getargs: (amauryfa) I suggest to remove this test. Now that conversion from unicode to char* uses utf8, no error can occur. Deletion COMMITTED r56495 GvR.

test_gettext FIXED IN SF http://www.python.org/sf/1751958 ChristianHeimes. COMMITTED r56292.

test_largefile: converted some string literals to byte literals. COMMITTED r56499 Collin Winter.

test_macostools (OSX only) FIXED IN SF http://python.org/sf/1758570 by Jeffrey Yasskin 22 July 2007 COMMITTED r56510 GvR.

test_mailbox FIXED IN SF: http://python.org/sf/1757774 Alexandre Vassalotti 20 July 2007. COMMITTED r56474 GvR.

test_mmap JoeGregorio FIXED IN SF http://www.python.org/sf/1752647 COMMITTED r56400.

test_minidom PARTLY FIXED IN SF http://python.org/sf/1759922. COMMITTED r56586 GvR. Remaining issue COMMITTED r56587 GvR.

test_old_mailbox FIXED IN SF: http://python.org/sf/1757774 Alexandre Vassalotti 20 July 2007. COMMITTED r56474 GvR.

test_pep263 ChristianHeimes FIXED IN WIKI. The fix isn't worth a patch. You have to convert two string to byte by putting a b in front of them. .encode() returns bytes. COMMITTED by ThomasHeller.

test_pickle: started complaining about unhashable type: 'bytes' since MvL's checkin. COMMITTED r56461 GvR.

test_pickletools Pickle doesn't handle str vs. str8 vs. byte correctly. Do we pickle str as UNICODE or STRING? FIXED by GvR.

test_plistlib: [http://python.org/sf/1769016 FIXED IN SF (1769016)] James Brotchie 2007-08-07. COMMITTED by Neal Norwitz.

test_poll Christian Heimes FIXED IN WIKI: Replace MSG = " This is a test." with MSG = b" This is a test." COMMITTED r56285.

test_poplib: needed to change one str literal to a bytes literal in poplib.py. COMMITTED r56498 Collin Winter.

test_pyexpat JoeGregorio FIXED IN SF http://www.python.org/sf/1759016. COMMITTED r56512 GvR.

test_quopri: fixed in r56606.

test_resource: fixed by a change to io.py (ignore errors from flush() in close()) COMMITTED r56496 GvR.

test_scriptpackages: [http://python.org/sf/1768976 FIXED IN SF (1768976)] Antti Rasinen 2007-08-07. COMMITTEG r56800 GvR.

test_sgmllib (passes on Ubuntu, fails on OSX, and on CYGWIN) COMMITTED r56585 GvR.

test_shelve: Requires bsddb to be fixed (Brett Cannon); some work done in r56548. (Abort trap in dbmmodile.c:107.) FIX COMMITTED GvR.

test_socketserver (add -uall) FIXED IN SF http://python.org/sf/1764815 Paul Colomiets. COMMITTED r56708 GvR.

test_socket_ssl (only fails when called via regrtest) (FIXED somehow)

test_tarfile: Lars Gustäbel COMMITTED.

test_tcl: COMMITTED r56514 GvR.

test_threaded_import FIXED IN WIKI replace "_os.fdopen" with "_io.open" in Lib/tempfile.py Paul Colomiets <pc at gafol.net>; COMMITTED r56757.

test_ucn FIXED IN SF: http://python.org/sf/1757758 Alexandre Vassalotti 20 July 2007. COMMITTED r56473 GvR.

test_unicode_file: COMMITTED r56625 (Brett Cannon).

test_urllib: COMMITTED r56734 (last of several) (Jeremy Hylton)

test_urllib2: FIXED IN SF http://www.python.org/sf/1762940 JoeGregorio. COMMITTED r56709 gvR.

test_urllibnet (add -uall): FIX COMMITTED (Jeremy)

test_uu FIXED IN SF ChristianHeimes http://www.python.org/sf/1754339 The patch may fix several other unit tests, too. (A different fix was committed; GvR.)

test_uuid: COMMITTED r56471. GvR.

test_xdrlib: COMMITTED r56549.

test_xml_etree FIXED IN SF http://www.python.org/sf/1762412 JoeGregorio

test_xmlrpc: COMMITTED r56609, 56610, and 56626 (Brett Cannon)

test_xpickle: deleted, with cPickle.

test_wave: probably not worth fixing; aren't we going to delete this? Anthony Baxter might want it (Brett Cannon). A fix that makes the test passed was COMMITTED r56515 GvR.

test_zipimport: FIXED IN SF http://www.python.org/sf/1766592 Paul Colomiets. COMMITTED r56707 GvR.

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