This page records triage of patches made by the community. Please don't add any rationale for your assessment here, but instead record it in the patch itself. For each line, put your name or initials next to the assessment, so that it's easy to see who added what entry.

(hint: you can link to items with SF:Number.)

Clear Accept

List of patches that should be accepted.

Clear Reject

List of patches that should be rejected.

Needs PEP

List of patches that cannot go in without a PEP being approved first


List of patches with conflicting reviews (some speaking for, some against)

Being Worked

List of patches which are not ready yet, but may become so -- the person who put them here should move them to another status if they go more than a month or so without progress. And no, this doesn't really keep them out of sight for committers yet, but it may eventually move them the never-touched-again patches to reject.

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