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The NeedForSpeed sprint is taking place from May 21 to May 28 2006 in Reykjavik, Iceland. The principal sponsors are EWT, LLC with local support from CCP Games.

The following pages should give you some assistance for the sprint

 * ["/Participants"]: Who's coming, and information they have added about themselves

 * ["/Venue"]: Information about the Grand Hotel and Reykjavik along with some background information about Iceland

 * ["/Goals"]: An area to discuss each of the sprint goals, and to allow everyone to start planning what they will be working on

 * ["/Technical"]: A description of the environment you can expect to find available both at Reykjavik and in support on the Internet

 * ["/Preparation"]: Things you might find useful

 * ["/Toolsets"]: What should I install before I come?

 * ["/Sponsors"]: The organizations behind the sprint

 * ["/Tourism"]: You're in Iceland -- what do you do?



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