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* Monday: hack all day, lunch on Holden Web in the hotel

* Tuesday: hack all day

* Wednesday: hack all day. There will be a teleconference with David Salomon, CEO of EWT, at a time to be announced

*Wednesday evening: CCP are kindly entertaining us to dinner at a Viking feast! A bus will collect us from the hotel at 7:30 pm. See the restaurant's web site

* Thursday morning: a trip to the famous Blue Lagoon, courtesy of EWT. Just the thing for recovering from Icelandic Viking Feasts ;-). Bus leaves at 9:30 from the hotel. We arrive at the Blue Lagoon 10:00 am and the return bus leavse at 12:40.

* Thursday afternoon: back to the hacking!

* Friday: hack all day

* Saturday: hack all day

* Saturday evening: The sprint formally ends at 17:00. EWT are buying us dinner and CCP are taking us out to a nightclub (oh, no, not more Icelandic hospitality: these guys are remorseless!) - details to follow

* Sunday: departure day

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