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LaunchServices is a pythonic wrapper for just about everything Apple's Launch Services API has to offer. It was developed primarily to make /aeve a hell of a lot easier to use.


LaunchServices is at its first public release, 0.1


   1 >> import LaunchServices as LS
   2 >> LS.GetDisplayNameForPath('/')
   3 u'Crack'
   4 >> LS.GetKindStringForPath('/')
   5 u'Volume'
   6 >> LS.GetApplicationPathForInfo(extension='mp3')
   7 u'/Applications/'
   8 >> LS.GetApplicationPathForInfo(creator='MACS')
   9 u'/System/Library/CoreServices/'
  10 >> LS.FindApplicationPath(bundle='')
  11 u'/Applications/'

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