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||Name||Author||Size (loc)||Description||Last Updated ||Name||Author||Size (loc)||Description||Last Updated||

This page is still under development, and is not yet ready for general use. But you're allowed to peek <wink>!


This page grew out of a frequently asked question on c.l.p [MAKE_THAT_A_LINK]:

  • Are there any large projects written in Python?

While the answer is unambiguously Yes!, it's a little bit trickier than that. For instance, we needed some clear way of defining how large a project is. And there were issues about people who wanted/didn't want attribution, and projects whose existance had to be kept secret (if we told you, we'd have to kill you...).

We decided to use pycount [MAKE_THAT_A_LINK] to size the programs, and arbitrarily declared that any program of more than FILL_THIS_IN lines was "large".

The following list is the result of that effort. Please feel free to add YOUR project as well!




Size (loc)


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