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 Written by Hochal Shin, Sangjung Woo, Dongjin Cho  Written by Hochul Shin, Sangjung Woo, Dongjin Cho

Python SiJakHaGi

  • Translated by Gang Seong Lee

8979140959, O'Reilly & Associates, 432 pages (Feb 2001)

Korean translation of the Learning Python.


Python Pocket Reference

  • Translated by Tae-Sun Kim

897914086X, O'Reilly & Associates, 112 pages (October 2000)

Korean translation of the Python Pocket Reference.


Python and Tkinter Programming

  • Translated by Jung-Wook Ryu

8980544243, 852 pages

Korean translation of the Python and Tkinter Programming.


Core Python Programming (Pearson Education Korea)

774 pages (May 2002) 8945070524 W 25,000/KRW [~$20.75 US] http://www.wowbook.com/computer/book/info/book_detail.asp?isbn=ISBN89-450-7052-4

Translation of Wesley Chun's Core Python Programming.


YeolHyeolGangUi Python (2nd Ed., 2nd Ver.) (Freelec Publication)

  • Written by Gang Seong Lee

1059 pages (Sep 2005) 8989345774 W 35,000/KRW [~$35.00 US] http://python.kw.ac.kr/pythonbook/moin.cgi http://www.freelec.co.kr/book/catalogue_view.asp?UID=37

One of the most beloved Python Books in South Korea.


Python 3 Programming for fast learner (Wikibook Publication)

  • Written by Hochul Shin, Sangjung Woo, Dongjin Cho

546 pages (Jun 2009) 8992939302 W 26,000/KRW   Web Site for korean: http://www.wikibook.kr:8180/JSPWiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Python

The most recently published book that deals with new python 3 features in South Korea.

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