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A [[http://groups.google.com/group/it.comp.lang.python?lnk=gschg|usenet newsgroup, it.comp.lang.python]] gathers most of the Italian Pythonistas. A [[http://groups.google.it/group/it.comp.lang.python/topics|usenet newsgroup, it.comp.lang.python]] gathers most of the Italian Pythonistas.

Links to Python information in Italian


There are some groundrules, some laid down by the site admins, some my suggestions:

1) Pages must be named in ASCII and English (PolishLanguage)

2) Pages must have an explanation in English at the top (Links to Python information in <language X>)

3) (my suggestion) We probably want to limit invites to edit the pages to people we know well, or Pythonistas with a track record. Hopefully this is inclusive enough without opening the site up to a spam flood and vandalismfest.

Where these pages really need help:

1) check links, remove broken ones.

2) add new links that are quality Python information and active.

3) some care for languages that have next to nothing, but do have people in the Python community - even a link to the Wikipedia page for Python, in that language, is a start (Some are pretty complete and of high quality - the Russian language Wikipedia page for Python, for instance, packs a lot in).

The Italian Python Web site is maintained by the Italian Python Association (Python Italia Associazione di Promozione Sociale). Its current webmaster is Manlio Perillo. Very comprehensive, with much original material.

Python-it.org is a community-based website created by many Italian Python users for Python users. It contains a lot of resources: a forum, a community projects' page, a wiki, polls, a collection of Python news, a users' map and many others. Come visit us! ;)

A usenet newsgroup, it.comp.lang.python gathers most of the Italian Pythonistas.

An Italian version of Dive Into Python by Mark Pilgrim, lacking behind the English original but still useful.

Un giorno alle prese con IDLE, a translation of Danny Yoo's One Day of IDLE Toying by Roberto Distefano.

Alex Martelli maintains another Italian Python website, including translations of Magnus Hetland's articles (with permission).

Info about the italian annual Python conference can be found on the Pycon Italia website.


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