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Idea Repository

IdeaRepository is an idea from #python. Every once in a while, someone comes up with a really great idea, but has no time to actually do it. That's what the repository is for. If you have an idea, just tack it on to the end.


  1. PythiusProject could use some beta testers -- J├╝rgenHermann

  2. Super Ray Gun coded in python: someone implement this NOW please! (thirmite)
  3. A distributed, encrypted chat network. (skreech)
  4. a PeopleFilter --ShaeErisson

  5. A multi-player, online, NetHack style game (z3p, sorta working on it) (this might be possible in the future with TwistedReality. --ChrisArmstrong)


  1. IdeaRepository: a place to put cool idea for programming projects.

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