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[[http://www.abakas.gr/en/books-catalog/programming-books/item/30-easy-learning-python|Abacus Publishing]], ISBN: 978-618-82504-0-6, 432 pages (2016) [[http://www.abakas.gr/en/books-catalog/programming-books/item/35-easy-learning-python|Abacus Publishing]], ISBN: 978-960-6789-22-9, 2nd Edition, 576 pages (2018)

This page lists Python books written in Greek.

Μαθαίνετε εύκολα Python - Python Easy to Learn

Dimitrios Karolidis

Abacus Publishing, ISBN: 978-960-6789-22-9, 2nd Edition, 576 pages (2018)

The book provides a comprehensive introduction into Python and several chapters for advanced users which cover under more topics like GUI-development, web-development and network programming.

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