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 * Steve Rogers showed up for his first meeting with us. He credits seeing the [http://zyasoft.com/pythoneering/ Pythoneering blog], now that it's included in the [http://www.pythonware.com/daily/index.htm Daily Python-URL]. It's good to have the visibility. With Steve around and fresh from [http://sc06.supercomputing.org/ Supercomputing 2006], we talked a lot about parallel computing paradigms in Python, among other things.  * Steve Rogers showed up for his first meeting with us. He credits seeing the [http://zyasoft.com/pythoneering/ Pythoneering blog], now that it's included in the [http://www.pythonware.com/daily/index.htm Daily Python-URL]. It's good to have the visibility. With Steve had just read some of the reports from [http://sc06.supercomputing.org/ Supercomputing 2006], so we talked a lot about parallel computing paradigms in Python, among other things.

About Us

The Front Range Pythoneers is an active Python users group in Boulder, Colorado, USA.


We hold a regular monthly meeting every third Wednesday. We also hold a regular monthly sprint, usually on the first Saturday of each month. The next sprints will by on Jython and IPython1, an update of the popular python shell. At this point, it looks like we will be holding these sprints on a regular basis.

Future possibilities include holding an occasional BoulderJam to play with an exciting new technology together, and helping pair mentors with aspiring Pythoneers.

Mailing List

You can subscribe to our [http://lists.community.tummy.com/mailman/listinfo/frpythoneers mailing list]. We also have a [http://lists.community.tummy.com/pipermail/frpythoneers/ mail archive].

Meetings and Sprints

We just happen to have the friendliest bunch of Python people coming to our meetings. So why not come too?

Sprints are usually held the 1st Saturday of each month, also at bivio.

Next Meeting: March 21, 2007, 6-8 PM

PyCon: February 23-25, 2007

We will shortly link in the presentations and some other material. But to summarize, this was a very good conference. Eric and Jim are still sprinting away on Jython.

IPython1 Sprint: April 6, 2007

, 28th and Iris. Above Hair Elite in Suite S. [http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=2701+Iris+Ave.,+Boulder+CO&ie=UTF8&z=15&om=1&iwloc=A Google Maps link]

Previous Events

Meeting: February 21, 2007

  • Location: [http://www.bivio.biz/ bivio Software, Inc.]

  • Fernando Perez presented his joint talk with Brian Granger (not present), "IPython: Getting the most out of working interactively in Python": IPython (if you do not know it yet) is an enhanced interactive shell for Python. It provides a large number of features not found in the default shell that make interactive work in Python more seamless and convenient.
  • Jim Baker presented "Iterators in Action": Using iterators well can make your code lean and your programming fun. We will distill current best practice by investigating some (mostly) useful examples of iterators in action. With the help of itertools and various cookbook recipes, we'll look at such examples as computing Six Sigma stats, parsing/collating lots of log files, and performing fast prefix lookups of the data your users most want to see (assuming you have a good relevancy scorer, of course). We will even see why Raymond Hettinger must say no so often :).

Other items we talked about:

  • BoulderSprint. We had a great JythonSprint, focusing on getting IPython to work on it. The next sprint will be in April, also on IPython.

  • Google Summer of Code. One of our missions is to mentor Pythoneers. Does it make sense to add a local component to GSoC 2007 that could take advantage of the universities here?

Sprint: February 3, 2007

  • JythonSprint. Part of our BoulderSprint series. We sprinted on getting IPython to run on Jython (two birds here?), as well as spent time on looking at compiler updates. More will be posted soon here.

  • Location: [http://www.bivio.biz/ bivio Software, Inc.].

Meeting: January 17, 2007

Topics and people attending include the following:

  • BoulderSprint. We had a great JythonSprint, focusing on design. Momentum is really building, Jython might actually get the love that Charles Oliver Nutter of !JRuby proposed. More interestingly, there's a chance for people in the dynamic language community to work together on JVM implementations.

  • Tom Churchill and Vinny Fiano will demo Churchill Navigation's earth-rendering engine (which looks like Google Earth, only apparently even better and faster ;) ). Vinny (their main Python guy) will explain how they built the glue logic (and why they decided against SWIG) and perhaps some of the implications of using Python as a scripting language in a real-time (60 fps) environment, and the techniques we employed to keep the graphics pipeline from stalling when making an expensive call into their engine from Python.

  • Brian Granger from [http://txcorp.com/ Tech-X] will help us think more deeply about concurrent Python programming, especially as seen in a new version of [http://ipython.scipy.org/moin/IPython1 IPython].

Sprint: January 6, 2007

  • JythonSprint. We talked about rethinking the existing compiler to converge on !CPython 2.5/trunk.

Meeting: December 20, 2006

Canceled! We were going to plan the JythonSprint and see some demos. But a blizzard intervened. Fortunately, we should be able to do all of that instead in January.

Meeting: November 15, 2006

This was a fun meeting! Even if Jill's has increasingly been high decibel. But we really can't complain about the success of our venue.

Meeting: October 18, 2006

  • Discussed possible proposals for PyCon2007. The basic consensus was that it was a great idea that for PyCon "we're especially interested in presentations that will teach conference-goers something new and useful." In particular, we all would like to see talks with more useful takeaway code, not just talks saying, hey we are doing great things with Python. Trust us :) .

  • Began planning of BoulderSprint, which apparently has been a burning desire for JimBaker for a while.

Guide to Front Range Pythoneering


Please help expand this local guide! (Also feel free to remove yourself from this list, if that makes sense personally.)


There are some other great groups in the area that we interact with on a periodic basis. Shared membership helps here!

Please add your favorite group here if it seems relevant to local Pythoneering.


Thanks to [http://tummy.com tummy.com, ltd.] and their principals, SeanReifschneider and Evelyn Mitchell, for generously hosting our web site and mailing list.

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