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Fred's the guy that formats the PythonDocumentation when a Python release is needed. Occasionally he actually fixes bugs in the docs, too. He works at [ Zope Corporation], where's he's worked on a variety of cool things, including [ ZConfig] and [ zpkg].

"lwickjr": Ack! ["Documentation/Ref/TheStandardTypeHierarchy"] was mis-posted. The original version was supposed to be without the stuff about dict_proxy objects, with the first revision adding this information. <SIGH> Also, I goofed on some of the markup, and don't fully understand some constructs, so it doesn't look quite right. In particular, items containing word::definition markup do not work indented, as is required for this page. Feel free to fix the markup!

You probably already know that I've also posted a WikiMarkup version of ["Documentation/Ref/FrontMatter"]; this one seemed to work fine on the first try.

Comments, please?


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