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The European Python and Zope Conference (or EPC for short) was started as an initiative by the EuroPython Conference Team to bring together Python and Zope users and developers. This is also an opportunity for those who are interested in these technologies to learn more about them.

In 2004, the EuroPython Society was created as non-profit organization to provide a legal body for the organization, owning the trademark and managing the EuroPython organization in cooperation with local organizers.

EuroPython resources available in this wiki:

The EuroPython mailing list (info) (archives) is the place for ongoing discussion of previous and future conferences.

Sponsors should see information on the Web site:

For organisers, the /SoftwareRequirements page looks at the issues around conference management software.

EuroPythonImprove This is a start page for discussing how to improve the conference and the conference web site.

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