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||Mentored sprint - sprinting with hand-holding to learn how to start contributing (beginner friendly)||10 ||beginners' room|| Nicolás Demarchi and Cheuk Ho ||

EuroPython 2021 Sprints

Please add your sprint suggestion to the list below. If you intend to provide more than a brief description or have a discussion about the sprinting goals, feel free to add a new Wiki page for such purposes, using a name like EuroPython2020/MySprint.


Approx. number of people

Room (see "Sprint locations" below)


Example Project


Virtual room 0

<info AT example DOT com>

Mentored sprint - sprinting with hand-holding to learn how to start contributing (beginner friendly)


beginners' room

Nicolás Demarchi and Cheuk Ho

Causal Graph Models: Let's make http://dagitty.net/ Pythonic!


Virtual room 1




Virtual room 2


https://borgbackup.org/ sprint ticket


Virtual room 3

<tw AT waldmann-edv DOT de>

nbQA - run any Python script on a Jupyter notebook


Virtual room 4

marcogorelli AT protonmail DOT com

TerminusDB client (Sunday mainly, I can give a brief intro Saturday morning but will be offline for the rest of the day) Help Cheuk develope new version of the Python client with document API


Virtual room 5

Cheuk Ho

Sprint Locations

The sprints will take place online. Details about available sprint setups will follow closer to the event.

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