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||coala Sprint: Newcomer onboarding, development, usability testing, user helpdesk||10+||room name||

EuroPython 2017 Sprints

Please add your sprint suggestion to the list below. If you intend to provide more than a brief description or have a discussion about the sprinting goals, feel free to add a new Wiki page for such purposes, using a name like EuroPython2017/MySprint.


Approx. number of people

Room (see "Sprint locations" below)

coala Sprint: Newcomer onboarding, development, usability testing, user helpdesk


room name

add your topic here

how many people do you expect

room name

Sprint Locations

The sprints will take place in the (TBA) in the rooms (TBA).

Please see EuroPython 2017 Sprint Venue for details.

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