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EuroPython 2006 News

This page will be updated frequently during the conference, so please check this page frequently :-)

AndreasPfeiffer -- for the local organisers at CERN

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Sprint sessions

(see "") in the (small) conference rooms on the ground floor (in each of the four "corners": from the "cafeteria area" go up the stairs (just a few steps) then the rooms are to the right/left). For keys, please contact Vincenzo Innocente +41.76.487.4047 (or 16.4047 from any CERN phone).

On arrival

go to the main reception building (see ""), you will get your information kit with the conference badge there. The badge is needed to enter the CERN site ! If you arrive outside office hours (evenings and weekends), please go to the guards at the main entrance (B), you can pick up your kit from them.

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Map of CERN (PDF)

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Soccer semi-finals:

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