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EuroPython 2006 News

This page will be updated frequently during the conference, so please check this page regularly :-)

AndreasPfeiffer -- for the local organisers at CERN

Last update: AP, 2006-Jul-04 13:05

Soccer News

Can we get some feedback how many people want to come? And we would need some volunteers to organize some beer and other drinks for the match.

Last update: mwh, 2006-Jul-04 12:30

Lightning Talks

Last update: AP, 2006-Jun-30 08:05


Please use the EuroPython Jabber room, instead.

Last update: AP, 2006-Jun-30 08:05

Sprint sessions

On arrival

Last update: AP, 2006-Jun-29 15:34

Map of CERN (PDF)

Last update: AP, 2006-Jun-29 10:10

Soccer semi-finals:

Last update: AP, 2006-Jun-28 11:45

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