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EuroPython 2006 News

This page was updated frequently during the EuroPython2006 conference, and interesting post-conference information will also appear here.

AndreasPfeiffer -- for the local organisers at CERN

PaulBoddie -- updating the page with interesting finds

Last update: PB, 2006-Jul-21 12:53

More pictures

Gregor Lindl posted a link to some more pictures on the EuroPython mailing list:

Last update: 2006-Jul-11 16:11

Europython pictures and blog

A flickr group for pictures of the Europython2006 is set up at: http://www.flickr.com/groups/europython2006 There exist also flickr tags

  • Europython
  • ep2006


i found those blogs conaining information about Europython:

Last update: 2006-Jul-11 16:02

email poll

Michael Pfeiffer was so friendly to sent the email poll for my pygamebook project to all Europython 2006 participants. If you for some reasons did not got the email please contact me direct at:

Last update: AP, 2006-Jul-04 13:05

Soccer News

  • I will "try" to record it (from German 2nd channel (ZDF) and unattended, so I hope it'll be ok), burn it on a DVD and bring it to Benedikt who will be organising the showing (in Building 40, meet in the coffee area). As the copying/burning will take a while I guess we can start around 23:30 (for the main game, in case there is a extension, I'll bring this later). There is a (small I hope) chance that the recording will fail (Windows ...), but let's keep the fingers crossed.

Can we get some feedback how many people want to come? And we would need some volunteers to organize some beer and other drinks for the match.

Last update: mwh, 2006-Jul-04 12:30

Lightning Talks

Last update: AP, 2006-Jun-30 08:05


  • The use of IRC is not permitted at CERN (and the port is blocked in the firewall).

Please use the EuroPython Jabber room, EuroPython@conference.jabber.org instead.

Last update: AP, 2006-Jun-30 08:05

Sprint sessions

  • The pre-conference sprints will take place in Building 40 (see "http://building.web.cern.ch/map/building?bno=40") in the (small) conference rooms on the ground floor (in each of the four "corners": from the "cafeteria area" go up the stairs (just a few steps) then the rooms are to the right/left). For keys, please contact Vincenzo Innocente +41.76.487.4047 (or 16.4047 from any CERN phone).

On arrival

  • If you arrive during office hours (Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00) please go to the main reception building (see "http://building.web.cern.ch/map/building?bno=33"), you will get your information kit with the conference badge there. The badge is needed to enter the CERN site ! If you arrive outside office hours (evenings and weekends), please go to the guards at the main entrance (B), you can pick up your kit from them.

Last update: AP, 2006-Jun-29 15:34

Map of CERN (PDF)

Last update: AP, 2006-Jun-29 10:10

Soccer semi-finals:

  • We'll try to record the semi-finals on Tuesday and organise a replay on the CERN site after the conference dinner for those interested.

Last update: AP, 2006-Jun-28 11:45

  • The news page has been set up.

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