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See EP2006LightningTaks for the approximate schedule. See EuroPy2006LightningTaks for the approximate schedule.
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EuroPython 2006 News

This page will be updated frequently during the conference, so please check this page regularly :-)

AndreasPfeiffer -- for the local organisers at CERN

Last update: mwh, 2006-Jul-04 12:30

Lightning Talks

See EuroPy2006LightningTaks for the approximate schedule.

Last update: AP, 2006-Jun-30 08:05


  • The use of IRC is not permitted at CERN (and the port is blocked in the firewall).

Please use the EuroPython Jabber room, EuroPython@conference.jabber.org instead.

Last update: AP, 2006-Jun-30 08:05

Sprint sessions

  • The pre-conference sprints will take place in Building 40 (see "http://building.web.cern.ch/map/building?bno=40") in the (small) conference rooms on the ground floor (in each of the four "corners": from the "cafeteria area" go up the stairs (just a few steps) then the rooms are to the right/left). For keys, please contact Vincenzo Innocente +41.76.487.4047 (or 16.4047 from any CERN phone).

On arrival

  • If you arrive during office hours (Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00) please go to the main reception building (see "http://building.web.cern.ch/map/building?bno=33"), you will get your information kit with the conference badge there. The badge is needed to enter the CERN site ! If you arrive outside office hours (evenings and weekends), please go to the guards at the main entrance (B), you can pick up your kit from them.

Last update: AP, 2006-Jun-29 15:34

Map of CERN (PDF)

Last update: AP, 2006-Jun-29 10:10

Soccer semi-finals:

  • We'll try to record the semi-finals on Tuesday and organise a replay on the CERN site after the conference dinner for those interested.

Last update: AP, 2006-Jun-28 11:45

  • The news page has been set up.

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