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Go see http://www.pyweek.org/ for the games I played on the Big Screen -- RichardJones

EuroPython 2006 will take place at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

See http://www.europython.org/ for more.

Last year's conference: EuroPython2005


A separate page for on-site news (EuroPython2006News) has been set up. This should help to spread information quickly.

Lightning Talks

See EuroPy2006LightningTalks.

Go see http://www.pyweek.org/ for the games I played on the Big Screen -- RichardJones


Add your sprint suggestion to the list below. If you intend to provide more than a brief description or have a discussion about the sprinting goals, feel free to add a new Wiki page for such purposes, using a name like EuroPython2006/MySprint.


Approx. number of people

Pre/Post EP

Room (see "Sprint locations" below)

[wiki:EuroPython2006/Sprint MoinMoin]

Less than PyPy :-)

6-9 July




6-9 July








6-9 July



at least 2

6-9 July


Sprint locations

The sprints will take place in Building 40 in the rooms in the four "corners" (like for the parallel sessions), on the ground floor (not downstairs!), just a few steps ("half a stair") "above" the Cafe-area. There will be signs on the doors as well.


Whoever wants to participate in a pre-conference sprint, please send a mail to Euro-Loc.Secretariat@cern.ch telling us so, as we need to arrange for access to the CERN site for the weekend (before registration). -- AndreasPfeiffer (for the local organisers)


Europython.org is linking here about sprints. Will there be a registration procedure or does a simple list suffice?

I imagine that if people want to sprint, they'll just need to make sure that the organisers are aware of how many people are involved. -- PaulBoddie

Hmm, the pre-conference sprint doesn't seem to be backed by the hostel - I could not book my room because there were just contigents for the conference time frame. Will there be pre-conference sprints at all? -- AlexanderSchremmer DateTime(2006-05-19T08:25:09Z)

I will arrive in Ginevre the first of july, so I am also interested in any pre-conference sprints. -- FabrizioMilo

It would be nice if some information were on the page on *where* the sprint is held. Like, building number. From going through lots of pages I've figured out the building where the conference proper is held (building 300), but it's not very clear either. Also a warning that you need a CERN tag is nice, but the information on how to actually obtain the CERN tag I couldn't really find. There was some mention about registration - is that the same as getting your tag? Is that at registration at the conference? And at entrance B otherwise? Or is that some other registration? Anyway, some simple, prominent news item explaining stuff like this would be appreciated before the masses come in... To be absolutely clear, I'd appreciate a news item which explains: how to get your tag. building the sprints are in. Building the conference is in. MartijnFaassen

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