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This wiki is for you to use. The Europython organizers have put in a skeleton, and it is up to you to fill it in.

In order to edit this wiki, you have to create a User Profile. Follow the link at the top far right of this page. When registering (UserPreferences) you have to enter name and Email and then move to the bottom of the page and hit 'Create Profile'. You get back an ID which you can subsequently use to log in. When you are logged in, the link will be replaced with one that has your name.

== Sprints ==
There is room for arranging sprints from Thursday 30 June to Sunday 3 July. By special arrangement, it is possible to have sprints before the conference and sprints that extend beyond 3 July. You can even have sprints in the downstairs cafeteria area during the conference.

If you plan to arrange a sprint, please send a mail to europython@python.org with a description of the sprint as well. We are going to need volunteers to help with some logistical issues. Read more at this URL: http://www.europython.org/sections/sprints_and_wiki/dates_for_sprinting

=== Proposed sprints ===

   * Z3ECM sprint: [http://www.z3lab.org/ See discussions on Z3lab.org]
   * M2Crypto sprint: HeikkiToivonen would like to run a sprint to fix memory leaks, complete and sanitize the API, write better samples and tests, etc.
   * [http://www.codespeak.net/pypy/ PyPy] sprint: The Pypy team will hold an open sprint 1 July - 7 July. The main focus will be on code generation for the Pypy Python interpreter, though there will still be interesting tasks implementing CPython modules in Python.
   * Money sprint: Facundo Batista will run a sprint to implement a Money datatype, built on top of the new Decimal datatype.
   * PloneOrgMigration sprint: Alexander Limi will lead the migration effort to move plone.org to Plone 2.1 in preparation of the official release.
   * TwistedSprintEuropy2005: twisted and/or nevow hacking: Tv, mg, tic, who else?
   * PloneSeleniumSprint: Maik Röder proposes a Plone Selenium sprint with the goal of implementing the initial Functional Testing Plan for Plone.
   * CMFEditionsSprint: Continue hacking on CMFEditions (from the 30 of June to 2nd of July)
   * AtAudioSprint: SalimFadhley and NateAune would like to invite people to an unofficial, mini-Sprint, in order to work on ATAudio; A product designed to enhance Plone multimedia support.
== BOF Sessions ==

There are a couple of areas at the conference site that are suitable for BOFs. You can also place a BOF in the Student Union house.

== Conference write-ups and blogs ==

Here's a collection of blogs about the conference.

 * [http://vanrees.org/weblog/1119870845 Reinout van Rees]

 * [http://cerenity.org/Europython/2005.html Michael Sparks] (Looks like the talks I attended have a low cross over with those Reinout described :-) )

 * More...

== Leisure ==

There are many fun things you can do in Göteborg before and after the conference, and they get even more fun if you do them together with other conference participants.
 * MidSummer
 * InternetCafe
 * ArchipellagoTrip
 * MuseumVisit
 * LisebergVisit
 * BeerDrinking
 * DiningOut
 * MusicEvent
 * EastIndia Ship
 * BotanicalGardens
 * SlottsSkogen

== Accomodation ==

Questions, hints and tips about where to stay, and requests for sharing.

'''Question:''' Is it possible to sleep at the university on air mattress and sleeping bag? This would be a nice and cheap alternative for poor students. Furthermore, this could provide a quite nice working atmosphere in the night. Is it possible to get a room for that purpose?

'''Response:''' No, it is strictly forbidden to stay overnight in any location within the university. There are nightguards ensuring that this policy is followed.
== Attendee presentations ==

Add a link and create a page about yourself.

 * Thinki:MagnusLyckå
 * ReinoutVanRees
 * HeikkiToivonen

== Slides & Papers ==

See EuroPython2004Slides

 * [http://www.bbc.co.uk/rd/pubs/whp/whp113.shtml Kamaelia] - Paper describing Kamaelia (content should give you a good idea of the content of the talk).
 * [http://www.taniquetil.com.ar/facundo/bdvfiles/money-1.2.sxi Money] - Slides of Money talk, from [http://www.taniquetil.com.ar/plog/ Facundo Batista]

So few presentations? any sources for more???

== BBQ ==

We are planning a BBQ Sunday evening at the SGS Veckobostäder. This is an informal
affair, with the target time of 7PM. However, people might gather beforehand.
The BBQ pits are in the middle of the SGS complex, near the '320's.

If you are interested, please email Aiste Kesminaite (aiste at pov dot lt) or
Paul Everitt (paul at zope-europe dot org) and tell us what time you plan to

Map for getting to SGS. The Pit is in the center of the area.


== Feedback, comments and ideas ==

Add a link and make a page with feedback on how to improve things.

== Offers of help ==

Make a page with offers of helping to improve things.


next year: EuroPython2006

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