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  * '''Zack (the artist) has been put in touch with one of the local organisers.'''

IRC Meeting #15


The meeting will take place in the #europython channel on freenode at 18:00 CEST on Thursday 12th June.

Please look at the minutes from the last meeting for more background information: ["../IRCMeeting14"]


David, Jacob, John, Laura, Lennart


  • Registration/Budget - status
  • Keynotes - any updates
  • Talks - status report on schedule
    • Times of breaks for the hotel to work with
  • Infrastructure - possible further discussions
  • Sponsorship
    • Brief discussion of the status of sponsors, incoming materials, and so on. - Jacob will make a private list of the current sponsors.

    • Organising sponsors - what do we award companies that are active in organising EuroPython? - Organising sponsors will get Web banners.

    • Further discussion of the sponsorship of attendees (plus any information that should be published). - There are 2 sponsored attendees so far.

    • Banner images
  • T-shirts (as noted on [http://www.europython.org/community/T-Shirts this page])

    • Zack (the artist) has been put in touch with one of the local organisers.

  • Streaming and dedicated lines - We have to see what the traffic shaping is like. We need volunteers, too, so maybe it's time to use the europython-volunteer-announce list. The proposed licensing was controversial for some.

    • europython-volunteer-announce status
  • food - any updates, costs, etc.


  • See the bold sections above...

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