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Python in Education (& vice versa)


We could meet Friday night at 8:00 PM in an open room.

Please add any possible discussion topics and any possible conficts below.

  • Dinner plans for Saturday
  • Python in middle and high school
  • The Rise of the Robots - RUR-ple, Guido van Robot, and (very recently) Monty Karel
  • Do we need (or even want) a version of Scratch implemented in Python?
  • Python in CS1 or CS0.5


One topic of the meeting Friday might be options for a dinner on Saturday.

Persons Interested

Feel free to list your interest in attending either of the above below:

  • Vern Ceder (both)
  • Charles Severance (both might work - but something during the day might be nice as well)
  • Dean Goodmanson. In for dinner on Saturday. I'll be at the Board Games social in on of the open spaces area on Friday and Saturday night. I can provide some light games if folks would like to continue chats in that environment.

Other Suggestions, Ideas, Comments

Please put any other ideas you have below.

CategoryPyCon2008_ CategoryPyCon CategoryPyCon

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