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The page contents below were copied with permission of author (BrianDorsey) from [ DocXMLRPCServer]. I'd like to rework the page to fit the form of WorkingWithTime, RssLibraries, etc.,. See also: XmlRpc -- LionKimbro DateTime(2004-04-28T05:58:27Z)

Here is a simple server which implements the above message procedure as well as a wait procedure. This server is based on the DocXMLRPCServer included with Python2.3; In Python2.2, use SimpleXMLRPCServer instead, and don't call server.register_introspection_functions().

   1 #
   2 import time
   3 import socket
   4 from DocXMLRPCServer import DocXMLRPCServer
   6 class SimpleShareServer:
   7     def message(self, msg):
   8         """message('Print me!') => True 
  10         Log everything passed to this function"""
  11         print time.asctime(), msg
  12         return True
  14     def wait(self, seconds):
  15         """wait(5) => 5 
  17         Wait for a certain number of seconds before returning.
  18         Returns the same number passed in."""
  19         print time.asctime(), "Waiting %s seconds" % seconds
  20         time.sleep(seconds)
  21         print time.asctime(), "Finished waiting %s seconds" % seconds
  22         return seconds
  25 if __name__ == '__main__':
  26     server = DocXMLRPCServer(("", 8000), logRequests=0)
  27     server.register_introspection_functions()
  28     server.register_instance(SimpleShareServer())
  30     print time.asctime(), 'Application Starting.'
  31     server.serve_forever()
  32     print time.asctime(), 'Application Finishing.'

The benefit of using DocXMLRPCServer is that it automatically creates documentation for your XML-RPC server, just open a browser and head to http://localhost:8000 after starting the server.

Writing a client to call the wait function is left as an exercise for the reader. :)


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