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A list of Distutils-related Project

Please add a listing to this page if you're working on Distutils (and help us reduce duplication of effort).


The central repository of Python package metadata and distribution files. See: CheeseShopDev

Easy Install

A Python package manager that downloads, builds, installs, upgrades, and switches between package versions automatically (using Python Eggs). See:

Python Eggs

An effort to produce single-file distributions of packages similar to Java JARs. See:


Paver: Easy Scripting for Software Projects

PEPs for extending distutils / PyPI

PEPs 262 "Database of Installed Python Packages" and 345 "Metadata for Python Software Packages 1.2" are currently open


A source-based packaging system. See:


Build debian source packages using setuptools and the "sdist" distutils command. See:


Distribute A community-driven project that aims to gather all requirements for a future distribution package.

Defend Against Fruit

Defend Against Fruit: A continuous deployment focused extension to Distribute supporting Artifactory Pro as a PyPI server. See:

Other efforts we know about

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