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Python packaging discussion

The way packaging in Python works is currently undergoing big changes. This page tries to summarise the discussion, proposals and ideas that might be incorporated into the PEPs listed below.

If you have an idea, or a use case that is not (sufficiently) supported right now, we would like to know about it and encourage you to add it to the Ideas & Use cases section of this page.


List of packaging related PEPs that are under consideration:



Under consideration

Ideas & Use cases

Data file installation paths

It is not possible to retrieve the installation paths of data, or other, files for all installation schemes supported by distutils right now. I propose the inclusion of a PREFIX file within the .egg-info directory that holds information on all prefixes set at installation time and a suitable API within pkgutil.

Discussion: Distutils/DiscussionOverview/FilePrefixes

Status: Under Consideration

Affected PEPs: 376

Data file prefix classes/placeholders

Data files shipped within a distribution are not further classified. This makes it impossible to define default installation paths for certain file types that are typically shipped with a distribution like configuration files, examples, shared data files, ...

Discussion: Distutils/DiscussionOverview/PrefixClasses

Status: Under Consideration

Affected PEPs: 376

Change the default installation scheme

Distribute packaged distributions get installed into the system paths, that are typically under the aegis of the system's package manager. I propose to change the default installation scheme to the (PEP 370) --user one.

Discussion: Distutils/DiscussionOverview/DefaultInstallScheme

Status: Under Consideration

Affected PEPs: None

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