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=== Talks ===

 * [[http://www.egenix.com/library/presentations/EuroPython2008-Using-the-Python-Database-API/|Talk video and slides: Using the Python Database API]]

 * [[http://www.zope.de/tagung/Dresden_2010/Python-Datenbankprogrammierung_mal.pdf|Slides: Datenbankprogrammierung mit dem Python Database API]] (in German)

Starting point for learning about using databases from Python.

Relational Databases

Relational databases are the most widely used type of database, storing information as tables containing a number of rows.

  • DatabaseInterfaces -- List of available Python databases interfaces. This also helps you choose the right database for your application.


The DB-API is a specification for a common interface to relational databases. The current version of the specification is version 2.0.


Future development

Historical development

  • HigherLevelDatabaseProgramming -- wrappers that provide simpler or higher-level database interfaces, such as object/relational mappers and SQL generators.

  • SQL Relay is a persistent database connection pooling, proxying and load balancing system for Unix systems, supporting many different databases and languages, including PostgreSQL and Python.

Other resources

Non-relational Databases

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