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Session Title: Data Analysis and Numeric Processing

Organizer: Patrick Ball

(someone PLEASE format this later...)


  1. Phil Hodge
  2. JC Hsu
  3. Perry Greenfield
  4. R Kaplan
  5. M McFarland

  6. Rick Grubin
  7. Robert Jedrzejen
  8. Jeff Mathews
  9. David Brown
  10. Erin Stantill
  11. Abhay Saxena

Session Notes:

Numeric doesn't do what we want (although it's great for what it does do)

Patrick likes Stata

A story by Patrick Multiple systems estimation

Suggestion from Numarray folks

Suggestion by Jeff/Abhay

Use R (like S-Plus)

R + Python has problems. Patrick tells of difficulties passing data between Python and R, even simple stuff like small matrices -- R gives back data errors (roughly: "I don't understand what this is").

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