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 * [[http://www.pyinvoke.org/|Invoke]] - a Python task execution tool & library, drawing inspiration from various sources to arrive at a powerful & clean feature set.

Configuration and Build Tools

  • AAP

  • Bake - a Make replacement

  • Bitbake - a task executor used to build packages for OpenEmbedded and other projects

  • BuildIt - Build tool for creating applications.

  • Buildout - Build tool for creating applications, includes the capability to resolve Python dependencies that are packaged as Python eggs.

  • Confix - generates input files for automake

  • distutils - standard module provides support for building and installing additional modules into a Python installation

  • doit - Automation tool (bringing the power of build-tool to execute any kind of task)

  • Fabric - a simple pythonic remote deployment tool for application deployment or systems administration tasks.

  • Fabricate - the better build tool: auto-dependency discovery via strace; a successor to Memoize.

  • Invoke - a Python task execution tool & library, drawing inspiration from various sources to arrive at a powerful & clean feature set.

  • Memoize - Designed as a replacement for Make - site unavailable, see the Internet Archive version

  • microbuild - Lightweight Python Build Tool.

  • Paver - Build/distribution/deployment tool. Build files are in Python.

  • PyAnt - development discontinued

  • PyBuilder - A Gui interface to compile scripts using py2exe.

  • PyMake - Designed as a replacement for Make. Development replaced by BuildIt.

  • pynt - A pure Python build tool. Tasks are just python functions. Manages dependencies between tasks. Allows parameter passing from the commandline. Forked from microbuild

  • Rebuild - python module that replaces make - site unavailable, see the Internet Archive version

  • SCons - software construction tool (comparable to make)

  • Vellum - Simple build tool similar to Make. Dead project. see https://github.com/zedshaw/vellum

  • Vertoo - version management tool (automates version number maintenance across several files)

  • VirtualEnv - A tool for creating isolated Python environments.

  • Waf - software construction tool (comparable to autotools, CMake, SCons, ant)

Build Testing

  • Bitten - a continuous integration plugin for Trac

  • BuildBot The TwistedMatrix project has a BuildBot installed which runs the unit test suite on a variety of platforms. The BuildBot uses the Twisted framework for networking, RPC, web status delivery, persistence, and other platform needs.

  • Apache Gump - Apache's continuous integration tool. "It is written in python and fully supports Apache Ant, Apache Maven and other build tools."

Editorial Notes

The above lists should be arranged in ascending alphabetical order - please respect this when adding new entries. If, as the developer of a listed application, you disagree with the classification of the work, please move it into the appropriate category or create a new category, respecting the ascending alphabetical order of the categories. When specifying release dates please use the format YYYY-MM-DD.

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