The Usenet newsgroup news:comp.lang.python is an excellent resource for Pythonistas.

The discussion group is extremely active, with as many as 20-80 messages per day. There are lots of newbies asking questions, a good number of Python users trying to answer them, and a few "bots" -- folks whose ability to post an amazingly large number of comments which are nearly always right have led others to suspect that they are actually clever AI scripts instead of real people.

C.L.P. (as it is often known) is also known for its fairly tolerant atmosphere, a certain tendency to get distracted by obscure off-topic threads, a severe tendency to try to re-write the language in every way possible (or talk about it anyhow). Primarily though, it is remarkable for the depth of knowledge (on all kinds of topics) to be found there.

comp.lang.python can be read in several ways:

Postings can be done via Usenet, or sending mail to the mailing list at .

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