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Cette page contient la liste des dernières modifications de ce Wiki (plus d'information système sur SystemInfo). Pour les modifications d'autres Wikis, voir WikiSites/Aggregation.

"Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a feature." -- Rich Kulawiec

[DIFF] 22:03 [INFO] NaomiCeder [1]
NatDunn [2]
#02 Updated course dates
[DIFF] 13:09 [INFO] NatDunn Removed classes that have past.
[DIFF] 10:48 [INFO] Ed Schofield Cancel May meeting, add info about June meeting
[DIFF] 13:43 [INFO] OlegBroytman [1-4] #01 Explain that git interprets aliases literally
#03 Fix subtitle
#04 Explain recursive aliases
[DIFF] 11:46 [INFO] DavidBoddie [1-2] #01 Added links to VOC and Serpentine.
#02 Fixed broken link.
[DIFF] 11:34 [INFO] DavidBoddie Tidied up. Added a link to an ongoing project.
[DIFF] 23:55 [INFO] AndrewNHarrington Added Hands-on Python Tutorial
[DIFF] 21:57 [INFO] rosuav
[DIFF] 09:18 [INFO] NickCoghlan
[DIFF] 14:02 [INFO] Czarek Tomczak CEF Python 57.0 released
[DIFF] 06:19 [INFO] GavinJackson
[DIFF] 01:02 [INFO] berkerpeksag [1-2] #01 Fix another broken link
#02 Fix Python 2 links
[DIFF] 14:06 [INFO] JuhaKoskelainen [1-2] #01 Move Spiked to Discontinued/Inactiv e Frameworks.
#02 Update versions and release dates (of Django, CubicWeb, Zope2, Tornado, werkzeug, CherryPy, Flask, morepath, pyweblib, and Sanic).

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