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I am a researcher at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). My main work in software automation and educational tools. The project I coordinate is LABASE(Laboratory for Software Automation and Engineering) (mainly in portuguese). My country (Brazil) is participating in OLPC initiative that has adopted Python as its main development language. I think this is a major opportunity to Python language to get known and get widespread within honourable cause. So I have started Pyndorama, a project to develop educational programs. One important thing to understand in OLPC development is that it is not just Python in Education but also Education in Python. The big challenge is to develop software that a teenager can read, understand and modify. Children will be educated in programming through Python. Keep this in mind and be gentle and welcoming while programming. Show it to your little brother or sister and see if they can figure out what are you doing.

You can contact me, my username is carlo, the domain

Some ideas below:


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