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Building Python Statically

/!\ This page is a placeholder until MicahElliott (or anyone) figures out all the steps to make this work.

This page describes the steps required to build Python statically, derived from [ this thread]. It presently covers Linux, but many of the same steps apply to other OSs. The goal is to get ldd to say:

$ ldd /path/to/bin/python
not a dynamic executable

{i} Note that the --disable-shared option is not related to building Python statically.

There is a file called Modules/Setup.local which is designed for customizing how modules are built.

GCC (and LD) offer a -static option to create static executables.

It would be nice to have a --enable-all-static option in the configure script which would take care of all this for you. For an example, try building [ Subversion].

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