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This is a CGI version of the "automatic DocXmlRpcServer."
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== Tutorial == ---- /!\ '''Edit conflict - your version:''' ----
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Suppose you have a Python module:

def spam():
    return "spam"

How can we quickly share this functionality?

Mark it like this:
XMLRPC_namespace = "eggs"

def spam():
    return "spam"

Now, put that script, and the AutoXmlRpcCgi script, into a CGI directory. You're done!

You can use that function via XML-RPC on the CGI.

Your friends can now call your function!

import xmlrpclib

server = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy("http://example.net/xrcgi.py")
print server.eggs.spam()

There it is!

== Notes ==

 * If you set XMLRPC_namespace to None, then namespaces aren't used.
 * This code demonstrates ModulesAsPlugins, CgiScripts, DocXmlRpcServer, and (hopefully) PythonStyle.
 * If you define a function "uli" ({{{def uli(msg):}}}), you can call it in IRC with [[http://onebigsoup.wiki.taoriver.net/moin.cgi/UliBot|UliBot!]]

== Code: xrcgi.py ==

#!/usr/bin/env python2.4
"""CGI between XML-RPC web requests, and specially marked modules.

This script is a gateway (CGI) between web XML-RPC requests, and
Python modules that define "XMLRPC_namespace".

Functions within Modules that define the name "XMLRPC_namespace" are
accessible by XML-RPC. Function names that begin with an underscore (ex:
_eggs) are not published. Functions are published within the XML-RPC
namespace designated by the XMLRPC_namespace value, or the base
namespace if the value is None.

import time
import os
import sets
import imp
import types

import DocXMLRPCServer

def find_modules(path="."):
    """Return names of modules in a directory.

    Returns module names in a list. Filenames that end in ".py" or
    ".pyc" are considered to be modules. The extension is not included
    in the returned list.
    modules = sets.Set()
    for filename in os.listdir(path):
        module = None
        if filename.endswith(".py"):
            module = filename[:-3]
        elif filename.endswith(".pyc"):
            module = filename[:-4]
        if module is not None:
    return list(modules)

def load_module(name, path=["."]):
    """Return a named module found in a given path."""
    (file, pathname, description) = imp.find_module(name, path)
    return imp.load_module(name, file, pathname, description)

def find_xmlrpc_modules():
    """Find modules that define XMLRPC_namespace.

    Loads all modules in the current working directory. Returns a list
    of modules, the modules that define XMLRPC_namespace.
    modules = [load_module(m) for m in find_modules()]
    xmlrpc_modules = []
    for m in modules:
        if m.__dict__.has_key("XMLRPC_namespace"):
    return xmlrpc_modules

def functions_in_module(module):
    """Find all functions in a module."""
    functions = []
    for obj in module.__dict__.values():
        if isinstance(obj, types.FunctionType):
    return functions

if __name__ == "__main__":
    handler = DocXMLRPCServer.DocCGIXMLRPCRequestHandler()

    for module in find_xmlrpc_modules():
        for func in functions_in_module(module):
            if func.__name__.startswith("_"):
            full_name = func.__name__
            if module.XMLRPC_namespace is not None:
                full_name = "%s.%s" % (module.XMLRPC_namespace,
            handler.register_function(func, full_name)


= Discussion =

This could be improved. Some ideas:

 * What if there's an exception while loading a module? What then?
 * Log modules successfully loaded.
    * If you're either brave or insane, make use of the LoggingModule.
 * Perhaps perform some sort of caching, to speed up invocation.

-- LionKimbro <<DateTime(2005-04-17T05:51:41Z)>>
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