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Mercurial setup

/!\ Please note: The administration pages have all been migrated to the new PSF Systems Wiki. Please no longer add information to these pages. If you need access to the new wiki, please contact for details.

Mercurial services ( are currently hosted on Everything is under user hg's home directory in /data/hg.

Mercurial itself uses a recent stable build, with a couple of custom patches. The Mercurial tree is in ~hg/mercurial. The patches are in named branch local, which is branched off branch stable. This source tree is installed in ~hg/lib/python, using make install-home.

Scripts are in ~hg/bin, which is versioned using Mercurial:

Public repos are in ~hg/repos. They are served using two mechanisms:

Noteworthy amongsth these repos are:


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