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 * RelicensingJython


  • find out what has to be merged to 2.3 branch (e.g PySystemState URLDecoder)

  • document the creation of a snapshot build
  • add a description of standalone (part 2) to the news
  • improve standalone mode (for imports of the form 'from java.package import class')
  • check with Tim if snapshot builds (full-builds) could be run on build bots, including tests
  • documentation for installer (see also http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1042465&group_id=12867&atid=112867), and especially the new naming jython_INSTALLER_version.jar and the new default target directory c:\jython_version on windows

  • verify that developer build really runs on java 1.2 -> this turns out to be almost impossible, though

  • check if i am able to upload snapshot builds to SF
  • polish website
  • polish the wiki (especially build & test pages)

  • take care of the assigned patches (5 at the moment)
  • introduce JUnit tests (trunk or 2.3 ?)
  • remove 1.1 support (in the code)
  • remove differences between generated and checked in parser classes



  • finishing off 2.2 test failures
  • fixing windows only regrtest failures


  • csv module



  • itertools module

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