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Setuptools needs: Setuptools requirements:

Setuptools requirements:

  • PEP 302: added in Jython 2.2

We don't have:

  • PEP 273 (the zipimport module)
    • - Jython's ZipFileImporter is somewhat different that the CPython zipimport module -- it's not a module, and it does not maintain its own _zip_importer_cache (which setuptools utilizes) apart from sys.path_importer_cache

      - The Jython zipimport machinery is different: ZipFileImporter only imports zips if they're SyspathArchives: currently .zips and .jars. How does CPython zipimport identify .eggs as .zips (for the ez_setup bootstrap process)

  • distutils
  • tempfile.mkstemp
  • os.open is used for a small hack having to do with usage of tempfile.mkstemp
  • imp.acquire/release_lock

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