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November 2009 -- Issue #36

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Josh Juneau



The Jump project is a new build tool for distributing Jython applications as JAR files. This project is growing quickly and development is aggressive...great news! For more information and to get started using Jump, please visit the site at http://opensource.ollix.com/jump/wiki

Django-Jython 1.0 is Released

The 1.0 version of Django-Jython has been released. It includes support for a few different database backends including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and SqlServer. This release targets Django 1.0 usage, stay tuned for an upcoming Django-Jython 1.1 release which will contain Django 1.1 support. This release will be coming soon.

Visit Site: http://code.google.com/p/django-jython/

Open Source Jython Book Available Online at jythonbook.com

The Jython Book is now available online. This is an early first draft of the book and the book authors appreciate all feedback and suggestions. To see the source, please visit the http://kenai.com/projects/jythonbook. For information about feedback and commenting, please see the wiki.


Unfortunately, there were no articles for this month. However, if you haven't listened to the podcast yet then I recommend giving it a listen as I highlight one of the features that is oftentimes overlooked in Netbeans...the Netbeans Python debugger.


Blogs noted in bold are only presented in newsletter, not on podcast.

Google Trends on Databases and Languages - Google Trends

Jython Scripting Language - SOFAINE's Blog

Django-Jython 1.0 Released - Simon Willison

PyCon 2010 Pre-Favorites - Catherine

More PyCon 2010 Pre-Favorites - Carl T.

30 Best Plugins for Eclipse - Windows Live Blog

My Polyglot Exploration - Erling Wegger Linde

Elegance of Python

Java vs Python - Kilon

Tanimotopy - Chemical Code

IronPython at Pycon 2010 - Michael Foord


Django-Jython Project

Pylons on Jython


Field Project

PyDev 1.5.1

Netbeans 6.8 Beta




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