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November 2007 -- Issue #12

This month the newsletter is a bit slim as there were not many new articles or Jython topics to report. However, there has been a new release of Jython which contains many bug fixes...Jython 2.2.1 has been released.

There has been lots of hype in the Java community regarding JavaFX technology. I was going to try and create some Jython/JavaFX demos for this month, but time unfortunately time ran away from me. I think it would be great to see some articles or tutorials showing Jython's interaction with the new JavaFX libraries. In the least, it would be nice to write a Jython applet which invokes a JavaFX script. I would like to encourage anyone who is interested to write about this topic for next month's newsletter.

Thanks for reading this month's newsletter. Let's keep the Jython community growing by writing more blogs and articles about this excellent language.


Josh Juneau



Newbie Notes

Submitted By: Rob Andrews

Jython is more than just an implementation of Python syntax in Java. It actually makes available access to a library of resources from both environments.

In my first article, I emphasized syntax and ideas I felt would be of value to Java developers new to Jython's syntax and to novice programmers in general.

This month, I set out to balance the scales a bit, introducing the import of Java library resources and a more Java-oriented way to handle files.

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If you are interested in developing Jython, please take a look at the current bug listing and submit patches for items which you can repair.

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Pydev 1.3.10 Released

Symlinks supported in the system pythonpath configuration. Egg/zip files are now supported. The creation of a project in a non-default location is now allowed within the workspace JDT used to get completions from jars (but referencing other java projects is still not supported). Configuration of pythonpath allows multiple selection for removal. Configuration of pythonpath allows multiple jars/zips to be added at once. When configuring the pythonpath, the paths are sorted for selection. The file extensions that pydev recognizes for python can now be customized. Patch by Carl Robinson: Code-folding for elements such as for, try, while, etc. Removed the go to next/previous problem annotation (Eclipse 3.3 already provides a default implementation for it).

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