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January 2009 -- Issue #26

What a great time to be a Python or Jython fan...seems like these two languages are growing by leaps and bounds. We've had another great beta for the 2.5 release, and it sounds like development is continuing along quite nicely.

PyCon 2009 is in the near future, you can almost see it on the horizon. It is gearing up to be a great event, there will be several good Jython presentations to see. A summarized list of the Jython-specific presentation is as follows:

Panel: Python VMs: Speakers are Brett Cannon, Robort Viehland, Holger Krekel, Jacob Kaplan-Moss, and Jim Baker. This panel will bring together all four major implementations of Python in one room to answer questions from the public for the first time.

Jython Progress: In this presentation, Frank Wierzbicki will highlight some of the most interesting advances that have occurred in the 2.5 release of Jython, and also some of the new things being developed for 2.7 and 3.0.

A better Python for the JVM: Tobias Ivarsson - his consists of advanced discussions regarding the prototype for an optimizing compiler for Jython.

Pylons on Jython: Philp Jenvey - Will present how you can use lightweight, flexible Pylons web framework to create web apps on Jython.

Django on Jython: Presenters will be Jim Baker and Leo Soto. The discussion will obviously focus on the most popular Python web framework known as Django. They will show examples of how to use Django on Jython and other discussions.

Not long after PyCon 2009, Europython 2009 will run at the end of June. More details to come.

The podcast is also available at the podcast site: http://www.jythonpodcast.com

I hope that you enjoy this month's issue, and please feel free to send me suggestions, questions, or feedback.


My information is as follows:

Josh Juneau - http://www.jythonpodcast.com jythonpodcast@gmail.com


Jython 2.5 b1 is now available!

Get it at jython.org

Feature List can be found on the Jython Road map

Jython BoF Planning

Jim Baker and I are planinng a Jython BoF for the PyCon 2009 event. We are planning it for Thursday, March 26 in the evening. Stay tuned to the mailing list for details!

Jython Featured on "This Week in Django" Podcast


The "This Week in Django" podcast mentions a blog posted by VictorNG or otherwise known as crankycoder. In this blog, Victor NG mentions details on integrating Django with Jython and MS SQL Server 2000. The blog focuses on issues which were encountered during testing and how to overcome them. If interested in learning more about this integration, please visit Vicor NG's blog at crankycoder.com

PyCon 2009 is scheduled for March 27 through April 2nd

The PyCon 2009 conference is scheduled for March 27 through April 2nd in Chicago IL. The event consists of two tutorial days on March 25 and 26th, three conference days being March 27 - 29th, and then development sprints occurring from March 30 - April 2nd.


Year in Review: Java development in 2009

If you are at all interested in Sun Microsystems and the future of Java, this article is a great read. It summarizes Sun Microsystems year in 2008 and then goes into speculative detail about the future of languages running on the JVM.

Read Article

Developing Jython Apps Using Netbeans IDE

A quick tutorial to get you up and running with developing Jython applications using the Netbeans IDE.

Read Article


Jython, Django, and Microsoft SQL Server - crankycoder

More on Django and SQL Server 2000 - crankycoder

Jython 101: Altering Tuple Values - Josh Juneau

Adopting New JVM Languages In The Enterprise - Dean Wampler

New in Jython 2.5b1: elementtree, Java Integration Overhaul - Philip Jenvey

Web Redesign or Core Python Programming - Science Application Books

Why Python Rocks - Evil in the Machine

Bug Fixing and Improvements in Python Debugger - Jean-Yves Mengant

Jythonroid Works on Dev Phone - gasolin

WAS 7.0 Still on Jython 2.1 - MyArch Solutions

Testing With Django and Nose - crankycoder

Persisting Jython Objects with DB4O - Jim Cassidy



Netbeans 6.5


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