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January 2008 -- Issue #14

As you have probably heard, Jython and Django are making the news! The implementation is almost ready and there is a lot of discussion about it...see the blog segment below.

I'm very excited that PyCon 2008 will be underway shortly. Being that I live close to Chicago, I am glad that PyCon will be in my area this year. It sounds like there is a great lineup for PyCon, and Jython is not going to miss out. Frank Wierzbicki will be hosting the Jython Sprint at the event. Stay tuned for more details!

Josh Juneau



Django on Jython (Jim Baker)- Minding the Gap

Django on Jython (Simon Willison)

Django Beginning to Work on Jython (Frank Wierzbicki)

Django Book is Done

Django on Jython is Almost There (Serverside)

Jythons Back

Latest on Scripting Project (A. Sundararajan)

Jython (IBM)

Things to Watch Out for in 2008


This is a good video for those who are new to Jython. It shows a bit of Python vs Jython comparison, and then it goes into creating GUIs using Swing and Jython.

Jython First Impression


A* Path-Finding Interactive Demo in Jython


Jython Print - PyCon 2008


Django on Jython using Derby as Backend


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