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Topic: InitModule
ClarkUpdike Feb 26 2005
I had originally put in here a detailed anaysis of conflicts between the comments and the source code regarding the InitModule interface. The comments seemed to indicate that PySequence should implement InitModule but couldn't because the class was abstract and PyJavaClass would try to instatiate it erroneously. But PyJavaClass was already correctly using reflection to give an error message in PyObject __call__(PyObject[] args, String[] keywords) if an abstract class was passed in. So then I was trying to track down why the PyList wasn't implementing ClassDictInit. It was providing the required static method classDictInit() but it was a do-nothing method and it wasn't calling PySequence.classDictInit() like the comments said it should. So then I diff'd the changes from 2.2a to the tip with new style class changes. Apparently, all this changed with new style classes. A case of comments being 2 to 3 generations old.

My personal opinion:

This wasn't a case of over-commenting, just a case of not maintaining the comments with the code.


Of course, if I knew more about the code to begin with, I probably would have figured it out faster. But the comments are supposed to be there help the neophytes, no?