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Built-in functions in Python 2.5 that aren't present in Jython:

'quit', 'all', 'set', 'help', 'copyright', 'buffer', 'reversed', 'license', 'credits', 'exit', 'frozenset', 'sorted', 'any'

Important: set, frozenset, all, any, sorted, reversed

2.3 features

PEP 263: source code encodings


Universal newline support

Boolean type

PEP 302: New import hooks

PEP 305: pickle enhancements

2.4 features

Built-in set, frozenset

Unifying int/long

Generator expressions

Function/method decorators

Multi-line imports

2.5 features

Conditional expressions

'with' statement

Absolute & relative imports

Unified try/except/finally

New generator features

Exceptions as new-style classes

The index method

Note: Similar list in BiggerTasks

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